“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”
― Unknown

A friend of mine just sent me the message below – he thought of it whilst vacuuming the furniture!
(They are expecting guests tomorrow so he and the family are helping to clean the house)

“While vacuuming the chairs I realized that it was far more effective to vacuum the pillows slowly, as the slow movement actually lifted the cloth and vacuumed cleaner, than when I was working the vacuum pipe quickly and with force.

At that point of realization, I felt the Lord say:  “it is just like what most of us do, we work and work and clean and rush to get the job done, thinking we are doing great, but actually, if we just slowed down and let the equipment given to us do what it is meant to do, we would be far more thorough……felt God wanted to encourage us all to “slow down, take our time, enjoy the process and as we use the Word given us, the Holy Spirit will help us use it to “clean” better – especially moms who need to rush all the time, for the kids, the supper, the house, the husband, work and, and, and …rushing, rushing, rushing – must do this, must do that.

God wants to say to those Moms: “slow down, take time with Me, take time for yourself, allow the Holy Spirit to wash your feet and let Jesus baptise you with the love of the FATHER”

To the husbands and children He says: “Help her, be My hands, do the dishes, vacuum the house, fold your own clothes and spoil her as I would”

……felt to share quickly as I must go finish my chores 😂😂 enjoy tomorrow”~ Teubes Prinsloo

“I spent a lifetime in a garden one afternoon.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough