• ‘40 DAYS — Time with God’ is more than just a book of devotions, it is living proof of the fact that if we pay attention God speaks to and through us today as God is speaking through these faithful writers, Pat, Noelene and colleagues.”
    Rev. Lydia Neshangwe
    Moderator, Council for World Mission
  • In God's Promise for Families, author Noelene Curry gives practical advice on how to raise children with a deep sense of their own value and worth. She explains how to teach them that God loves them and rejoices over them. This wonderful and helpful book gives biblical ways to discipline and pray for your children as they seek God's presence in their own lives.
    Deep River Books
    Sisters, Oregon, United States
  • Noelene loves to link her everyday experiences with the words of Scripture. By doing this she encourages us to meet God in all the experiences and encounters of our lives. Because we suffer from unhelpful tendencies to separate our faith and our lives, to compartmentalize our Christianity, this encouragement can serve us well. She really wants God to be God of our whole lives.
    Trevor Hudson
    Minister, Author and International Speaker
  • I was inspired, encouraged and edified by the content and the research done. It is well written and extremely challenging to the soul. All God’s Stones is motivating, practical and brutally honest.
    Randall Oliphant
    CEO, Big Man's Outfitters
  • If perseverance, encouragement and showing grace toward your children in this troubled world have been a challenge to you as a parent, then this book is for you.
    Kelly Chibale
    Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Cape Town
  • There is so much information and this book God’s Promise for Families offers a unique Christian perspective on dealing with issues in your home and in your marriage. I believe it will encourage and inspire you and offers good quality Godly advise to help strengthen your home. … You will laugh and cry and gain a deeper understanding of family from God’s perspective.
    Blogger at Tell Us The Truth Reviews